HOUSEKEEPER: And no ‘Hanky Panky’ Grimes or it will be the worse for you, so mind you keep to your business.

GRIMES: Tha’s got un ‘ard tung n’ thine ‘ed Miss. Aver. Tha’s just lyk t’old Dame frum Vendale.

HOUSEKEEPER: i Grimes and rightly so. There’ll bi no thieving or you’ll be on the next boat visiting your friends in Botany Bay.

GRIMES: Thy cun trust mi lyk i’ wuz one uv thine uwn kin.

HOUSEKEEPER: We can but try Grimes…we can but try.

GRIMES: i miss…'appen wi can.
( short pause)
GRIMES: Can a caul ya Nanci?


GRIMES: (Long pause)…Av y’eny sisters?

And the winner is…

I’m sure ‘The Breadwinner’ will be an incredible success for Cartoon Saloon and will establish the studio’s reputation as one of the world’s great contemporary 2D animation companies. Will it be an Oscar winner?..……I don’t think it can lose.-

This week from my dad’s drawing book. Two new looks for Tarzan! Two very feisty Jane’s (one definitely looks like Miss Jane Russell). A crest fallen Joe DiMaggio. A scene from Iwo Jima, how to fashion your hair in order to combat male pattern balding 1940's style and Tex Duncan rides into Long Bull Falls and causes a bit of a rumpus.

I’ve been quizzing my dad about what inspired him to draw these wonderful illustrations. For the most part he’d draw scenes from a BBC radio play or a film he’d recently seen. There used to be three or four cinemas within easy walking distance from the family home in Radford Nottingham. Most of the features were gangster movies or a western, which were very popular back in the 1940's.

Here’s something really interesting! I have a collection of my fathers drawings he made back in the 1940's. Born in 1934, many of the sketches represent a boy’s view of a world dominated by soldiers, gangsters, shoot 'n from the hip cowboys, jazz musicians, baseball stars and so much more, which I will feature in forthcoming posts.

A fascinating insight into the lives of some of the current personnel at Cartoon Saloon, hosted and conceived by the one and only Mr.Tomm Moore. BRILLIANT!! –

Some of the greatest 2D animated art ever created…? 1.Song Of The Sea (Cartoon ) 2.The Man Who Planted Trees (Frederic ) 3.The Secret Of Kells (Cartoon 4. Sunset Flower Blooming.(Yuanyuan Hu- 5.Pinocchio (Walt Disney- ) 6.My Love ( Aleksandr Petrov- ). Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Walt ) 8. Bambi (Walt ) 9. The Triplets Of Belleville (Sylvain –The Illusionist (Sylvain Chomet- ) 10. Fantasia. (Walt )

George Clausen: Gleaners Coming Home

Sketch Book: Massaioli
An abandoned village set in the lee of a hill a short walk from my home.
Littered remains remind of what was a once small thriving rural village, once filled with the sound of everyday lives. Wooden butterpats still lay on a scullery sink. Vacant coat hooks wait patiently for a coat or a hat and a ghostly sun bleached outline on wall whispers,
‘This is where the family cupboard stood’.

Sketch Book: Kitchen Massaioli

Sketch Book: Masssaioli

Sketch Book: Massaioli

Sketch Book: Massaioli

Sketch Book: Scullery Massaioli

Sketch Book: Fireplace Massaioli

Sketch Book: Castagna

George Clausen: Harvesting The Sheaves.

No idling hands when harvest comes,
A bounty of golden glories made,
In such time and season done,
Bread for the family, on a table laid .